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This is more than a book about dog training. This is the quintissential simply-written and light-hearted book about having a dog in your life. From the initial point of considering to get a dog right through to the final farewelling of your dog, Its not the Dog we're Training guides you through every aspect of having a dog in your life.


There's no teaching of dog tricks within the pages of this book. All the simple commands shared by the authors are intended to keep you and your dog safe and everybody enjoying a harmonious life together.


This book is a testament to the power of love. From heart-wrenching stories, beautiful hand drawn sketches, fun-filled cartoons and through the successful praise-based teaching always accentuating the positive one can't help be touched and inspired to do the best job you can with your dog.


This book will not only give us a sound, happy relationship with our dogs but has the potential to make better citizens of us all and form happier relationships with others in our lives as well.


About the Authors


After a tragic event in her childhood Katie has dedicated her life to dogs. Along with her husband, Dean, she has grabbed every opportunity to better the lives of the dogs around them. For the last two decades, based out of their beautiful self-built home amongst the trees on the wild West Coast of New Zealand, Katie and Dean have been actively involved in the welfare of dogs by running the empathy based cat and dog boarding facility, Two Brown Dogs and a Cat. They have also run regular basic dog obedience courses in the community, worked with aggressive dogs and conducted community dog walks.


The couple have also been involved in fostering and rehoming orphan dogs ( as well as fostering teenagers) and assessing therapy dogs.


Katie and Dean incorporated dogs in their work as alternative education tutors where they worked with teenagers who had been deemed difficult and sidelined from mainstream school.


The Shannons are grass roots kiwi folk who walk the way of the heart.  Their response to the Pike River tragedy was to stand outside the Post Office in Greymouth with a litter of mastif pups offering free cuddles.


They wrote this book to share what they know and to answer every question they have ever been asked about having a dog in your life.

Sponsor a Book | It's not the DOG we're TRAINING paperback

  • "It's Not the DOG We're TRAINING," a book that goes beyond traditional dog training. By fostering Animal Empathy, it offers profound insights that extend to human relationships, reshaping the way we connect with others.

    We have witnessed the remarkable impact of this book, seeing firsthand how it has changed lives far beyond dog training. Addressing the deep link between animal cruelty and serious crimes, this book provides invaluable education in an accessible format, making a significant difference in the rehabilitation of prison inmates within New Zealand's Youth Justice system.

    Join us in this mission and be a part of a movement that transforms lives and promotes compassion. Your sponsorship can help bring this life-changing book to those who need it most. Together, we can make a lasting impact

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