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It's not the DOG we're TRAINING Book Launch Dogs Fun Day Video

Our "It's Not the Dog We're Training" book launch fun day, was a celebration dedicated to our furry friends, families, and the incredible community that has helped bring the magic of our book to life & the work of teaching empathy via animals at Rainwater Homestead here on the West Coast.

Footage captured by TNR Photography & Film | Dean French

Katie and Dean Shannon grassroot Kiwi's have poured their hearts into providing sanctuary for both people and animals. Through fostering children, families, and a wide array of animals—from dogs and cats to puppies, kittens, and even rats— they've created a haven of love and compassion within the community, from their base in Kaiata "Rainwater Homestead" their off-grid heaven on earth sanctuary.

Katie's own painful childhood experience of losing her beloved dog, Stubby, to a cruel act of revenge on her brother, fueled her determination to make a difference in the lives of others. Katie turned her trauma into a powerful tool for educating at-risk youth, communities lacking empathy, and those at risk of engaging in high-profile crime to learn empathy with animals.

It's not the DOG we're TRAINING book
Katie's Dog Trooper

Empathy is at the core of what we believe in, It's a skill we can all learn, yet many miss out on learning.

When empathy is absent, it often correlates with a rise in crime, family violence, neglect and so on.

Through our efforts in providing education, we aim to foster empathy not only within our community but also beyond our borders.

Our easy-to-read handbook, "It's Not the Dog We're Training," is a testament to this mission, made possible by the unwavering support of our community.

Today, we celebrate the dogs, the families who have dedicated themselves to a greater cause, and the boundless love that fuels our work.

From the depths of our hearts, Katie and Dean Shannon of Rainwater Homestead in Kaiata, Greymouth, New Zealand, express their deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who believed in us and supported our vision of making the world a better place for both animals and people alike.

its not the dog were training book launch
A Dogs Fun Day | Book Launch

Without you, none of this would be possible.

So here's to a day filled with wagging tails, laughter, and endless love. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Thank you to Leslie and Andrew Gold for allowing us the use of the song

"Thank you for being a friend"

its not the dog were training
Its not the DOG we're TRAINING Book Launch Fun Day

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