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Award winning author Wendy Scotts Book Review

It’s not the dog we’re training by Katie & Dean Shannon "It was an absolute delight and honour to review Katie & Dean’s book about dog training.

I first met Katie over a decade ago, at the SPCA tent at Children’s Day, and I instantly fell in love with the big puppy she was showcasing (and, yes, Boss became my fur baby). Katie also instigated 2 cats and a goat joining our family.

My dogs have boarded, many times, at Two Brown Dogs and A Cat kennels. My fur babies would get so excited when we turned onto the road leading to the kennels (not like their reactions when we pulled up at the Vets!), that I used to call it the Dog Resort.

I have the utmost respect for Katie & Dean’s expertise with animals and they are the perfect people to pen a dog training guide.

Written in an easy-to-read conversational style, it’s like sitting down across the table, having a cuppa with them.

I applaud their raw honesty in sharing their dog experiences, both comical and tragic. Their stories are emotionally relatable and I pivoted between snorting with laughter and shedding some paw-shaped tears.

Professionally packaged, with amusing illustrations, and cleanly set out, with clearly defined categories that fully explain each concept with specific instructions.

Explanations are also given to back up the reasoning.

I highly recommend everyone who owns a dog or is considering getting a dog to read this book because it’s a treasure trove of practical advice that will enrich your relationship with your furry companion."

Wendy Scott, Award-winning Author and Dog Lover.

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