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Our Purpose

At the heart of Rainwater Homestead "It's Not the Dog We're Training" Our vision extends beyond mere obedience; it's about fostering empathy, transforming lives, and building connections between at risk youth, animals, and in turn fostering harmonious relationships within our wider communities through the power of Dogs.

In our journey with Youth Justice on the West Coast, we're reshaping perspectives by teaching empathy towards animals, igniting change in young lives.

As proud Foster Parents for the SPCA, we embrace the responsibility of nurturing kittens & cats and supporting the rehoming of dogs, ensuring that even in loss, love endures.

At the core of our purpose lies authentic empathy-based education. We believe in the profound rewards of fostering relationships between humans and animals, seeing how this flows through into our communities.

Through our boarding kennels and cattery facilities, alongside our empathy-based Dog Obedience programs, we've dedicated ourselves to this cause for over two decades.

Join us in this transformative journey of healing and empowerment through Animal Empathy Education. Experience the joy of connection and understanding that comes with it.

Join Katie & Dean on the journey they take you along in  "It's Not the Dog We're Training" and be part of the change.


Get your copy of our book and enjoy being apart of the change. 

Keep up to date with our transformative stories in our news section.

Our Fur Friends

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